Reception Home Learning – Maths (25.01.21)

Let’s continue to practice our shape, space and measure learning by playing some games…

Light and Heavy – Practice with Math Games

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s Maths is a role play story – we need to find out who stole my biscuits!!! Watch the video and order the shoes in your house from shortest to longest. Then, there is a fun game for you to play on Education City.

To login use the same login details that you use for the blogs! Have fun…

Activity 1: Order your family’s shoes by length and use the correct math’s vocabulary to describe their size. Make a video to showcase your ordering.

Activity 2: Using your login details play the game on Education City by clicking on the link:

Please upload your pictures or videos on your class links below:

Reception Blue – Click Here

Reception Red – Click Here

Reception White – Click Here


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    • Super video Aqsa, you sorted the shoes and attempted to talk about their size.

      Try to use the key vocabulary longest and shortest when describing length.

      Brilliant 🌟

    • Super video showing you ordering the shoes according to size and attempting to talk about them.

      Try to use the vocabulary longest and shortest when describing length.

      Well done

  1. Hello teachers Huzaifa completed his maths homework. He got 100% in education city and i also uploaded the pictures and video to share point. Thanks!

    • Well done Amina – I can see your score! You are very good at longer and shorter. Can you create a video comparing 2 items and say which is longer and which is shorter? Keep being marvellous at Maths. :D

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