Reception Home Learning – Maths (25.01.21)

Let’s continue to practice our shape, space and measure learning by playing some games…

Light and Heavy – Practice with Math Games

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s Maths is a role play story – we need to find out who stole my biscuits!!! Watch the video and order the shoes in your house from shortest to longest. Then, there is a fun game for you to play on Education City.

To login use the same login details that you use for the blogs! Have fun…

Activity 1: Order your family’s shoes by length and use the correct math’s vocabulary to describe their size. Make a video to showcase your ordering.

Activity 2: Using your login details play the game on Education City by clicking on the link:

Please upload your pictures or videos on your class links below:

Reception Blue – Click Here

Reception Red – Click Here

Reception White – Click Here


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