Reception Home Learning – Maths (27.01.21)

Hello fearless friends! We have been so proud of all the efforts you are putting into your learning – well done. For today’s maths all you need need is paper and a pencil to write with.

If you are these children, we would like you to click on the link below and watch the video called ‘Session 3’, and then complete the activity. 
RRed- Fatima, Ziyaan, Antonio
RWhite- Shaheer, Warizah, Aqsa, Aylah
RBlue- Rehman, Haseeb A, Hassanati, Emaan


The Highway Rat has taken these healthy snacks, can you add them together?


Using the drawing method, add these numbers together:
9 + 4 =
7 + 7 =
10 + 5 =
3 + 8 =


Watch the video and add these numbers using a number line.

Have fun with numbers and share your photos/videos with us:

Reception White click here

Reception Blue click here

Reception Red click here


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    • Ohhh, I found your use of the number line very interesting. To develop the use of the number line further, start on the first number and ‘bounce’ that number of spaces – watch the video again to deepen your understanding. Have fun with maths! :D

    • Fantastic work Evie, I love your drawing of shapes to help you solve the number sentences. Well done for trying the number line method, but if you feel more comfortable with the drawing method stick with that for now. It is the method I prefer to use so I can check my answer after. :D

    • Well done Kayla, you are trying very hard and you can add 2 numbers together! Please practice writing your numbers 0-9 to help you with your maths work. We look forward to seeing your hard work! :D

    • Super maths work Mirr, thank you for sending in the pictures. Each time you complete a number sentence you must show your workings, so draw the numbers every time. I hope this helps, and continue to work hard because you are doing superb! :D

    • Well done Denisa, you have added the healthy food items correctly! I think Denisa could try the number sentences and drawing circles to challenge her further. :D

    • I like your use of different colours for each number sentence and you can use a number line correctly – well done. Can Huzaifa try some from the silver challenge too, as this will improve his knowledge of showing the same number sentence in different ways. I hope this helps! :D

  1. Mustafa has completed his work and uploaded, he definitely found it easier starting with the bigger number in the equation, he established which number was “bigger” than added the “smaller” number to that. It was a good exercise for him to recognise what is “more” and what is “less”. Maths as topic is something we will work on at home to further cement his understanding. I had to guide him through this activity, hoping to give less input on the next task.

    • To cement his understanding, please ask him to complete the silver challenge before completing the gold challenge. Yes, starting from the biggest number will help but it does not show that exact number sentence. I hope this helps you to continue to support at home. :D

      • Thank you for supporting at home. To develop Iqra’s understanding of number, Iqra needs to make the amounts herself and add them together herself. Please encourage Iqra to show her working out using the circles and send your work to the link below. I hope this helps! :D