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Reception Home Learning – Shared Story (25.01.21)

Hello Reception Superstars!

Today, I would like you to listen to the storyHighway Rat’ and view the learning videos below.

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Authors: Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

After you have listened to the story I would like you to complete one or all of the challenges by either responding via the blog or by uploading your verbal responses via your class links below.

Bronze Challenge

Silver Challenge

Gold Challenge

Looking forward to seeing your responses.

Reception Blue – Click Here

Reception Red – Click Here

Reception White – Click Here

75 responses to “Reception Home Learning – Shared Story (25.01.21)”

  1. Hannah B.

    He met the rabit, the squirrel, the ant, the spider and the duck
    He stole flowers, nuts, a leaf, flies, milk, hay
    Stealing is bad because you have to ask before you take things.

    He stole things from people
    The animals felt sad and they went hungry

    There was noone inside the cave
    He heard his own voice echo
    The duck lured him inside the cave so he can take back all the things that the rat stole to the animals

    1. Mrs Chapman

      Super answers Hannah. 👍

  2. Mrs Dahil

    Thank you for informing us. I hope he gets better better.

  3. Mustafa A.

    He stole the food from the animals.
    He felt anger, sad and hungry, because the rat took their food.
    He seen the rabbit, duck cat, and spider
    He stole nuts, milk, hay, green leaf and flies.
    Stealing is bad thing.
    There was no one in the cave,
    Rat heard his own voice.
    Duck sent the rat 🐀 to cave to safe the animals food.

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Fantastic answers Mustafa.

      The Highway Rat was very unkind to all the animals.

      Tell me about something kind that you have done for someone.

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