Reception Home Learning: The World (23.06.21)

Today we will be delving into the history of cars, and learning more about the world around us! 🚗
Watch the video and complete a task to challenge yourself (can you complete them all).

Bronze: Look at the different cars and send us a video of you saying whether they are old or new. Please talk in full sentences. e.g. Car number 1 is old.

Silver: look at the cars and write whether they are old or new and talk about what they look like.

Gold: write as much as you can about each car. e.g. Car 1 is from the past. It has no windows. It has no roof. It looks wooden. It has no engine. It has no doors.

Upload your work to the links:

Reception Red

Reception Blue

Reception White


    • Hudaa we are looking forward to receiving your completed home learning.

      You upload your work by clicking on the Reception Blue link at the bottom of the page.

      Let me know if you need any support.

    • Fantastic work Zakir! I really like your use of ‘because’. I think cars in the present are so good because the engine makes them go fast. Why do you think cars have changed over time? 🙂

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