Reception Home Learning: EAD (2.02.21)

Good morning to all our travelling pirates. We hope you are all well, happy and safe. For today’s learning we are going to make a treasure map.
What you will need:
* Black tea (prepared by your parents)
*Your garden


Task 1: Create your own treasure map and send us a photo.

Task 2: Talk about what is in your treasure map and why you have chosen those colour. Make a video and upload via your class links below.

Reception Red – Click Here

Reception Blue – Click Here

Reception White – Click Here


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    • A super map Kayla. You talked about all the different shapes in your garden on your map and you even put the directions, North, South, East and West. 😀 I liked your hiding places for your treasure!

    • Great work Ibrahim, your colouring in is super. I can tell that you have thought about the colours you are using for your different objects. Where have you hidden your treasure? :D

  1. Huzaifa has completed his treasure map. He enjoyed making it. He drew the map of his garden.
    He said his treasure box is hidden next to the shed in the mud. He made a black cross on the map where the treasure box is.

    • A very colourful treasure map. To improve ask Maryum what colour a tree is (the trunk) so she gives a reason for the colour she has chosen. Have fun learning. :D

    • Thank you for supporting Ahsan with home learning. Please encourage Ahsan to complete the work himself; we try to teach children that it is ok to make a mistake and to always try their best. Where the treasure hidden? :D

    • Your treasure map is fantastic Aqsa! Can you tell me what you have drew on there and where your treasure is, what treasure might you find?🤔

  2. Evie has created a treasure map and really enjoyed making it and using different colours to be creative, a video will be sent in through email