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Reception Home Learning-Topic (2.3.21)

Hello my creative crimefighters! For today’s lesson you will need a junk piece of card, cellotape, scissors and a pen.

Watch the video to find out more about what we are making today…


Now you have made your police badge, it’s time to learn the words to our song and create a performance video. Please use the words posted below to practise performing with your prop and send us a video of your final performance, exactly like Mrs Carter has done below.

Mrs Carter has sent in a performance video…

Have fun with your learning!
Send your videos to your class link below.
Reception Blue
Reception Red
Reception White

37 responses to “Reception Home Learning-Topic (2.3.21)”

  1. Adam O.

    Adam has completed the task and we have uploaded a picture and a video.

  2. Huzaifa S.

    Huzaifa has made his star and we have uploaded the video of him singing.☺️

    1. Mrs Carter

      Well done Hussite, your star is great, and I’m so proud of your singing! 🙂

  3. Maryum N.

    Maryum has drawn her police badge

    1. Mrs Dahil

      A super effort to draw a police officer badge. What colours did you use?

  4. Jasmine P.

    I sent jasmine picture

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Super shiny star badge Jasmine.

      How many corners does it have?

  5. Amina I.

    Good afternoon I have uploaded amina work and video.

    1. Mrs Dahil

      A fantastic police officer video and I loved your big shiny badge.

  6. Warizah I.

    Warizah completed her homework i have upload tbe video

    1. Mrs Dahil

      A super badge Warizah.

      What shape is your badge?

  7. Liyana M.

    Liyana sent in her video.

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Good girl 😊

  8. Tala I.

    Tala made her star 🌟and I upload the picture .

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Great work Tala all received 😊

  9. Iqra A.

    I have sent iqra video .

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Great work 😊

  10. Iqra S.

    she will do it

  11. Dhonshan R.

    Dhonshan has completed his work.

  12. Mirr A.

    Mirr has done it and i have sent his video

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Well done Mirr I loved your police officer video and thank you for sister for helping.

  13. Syed A.

    Aqsa has done her video I’ll send it

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Super video Aqss you have tried very hard.

      Well done

  14. Muhammad U.

    Bilal done his homework. I have sent his pictures and videos in.

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Super shiny badge Bilal.

      Wear it with pride.

  15. Amelia R.

    I have sent Amelia video in

    1. Mrs Carter

      A lovely video Amelia! Do you enjoy singing? 🙂

  16. Emraan A.

    Emraan has completed his task and will send his video and pictures.

    1. Mrs Carter

      Well done Emraan, your star is fantastic! Did you enjoy being a police officer? 🙂

  17. Dominik B.

    Dominik has completed this task.I have sent a video of his performance.

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Well done Dominik!😊

  18. Mustafa F.

    Mustafa has created his video. We have uploaded. Thanks

    1. Mrs Hameed

      That’s great!😊

    2. Haris S.

      Haris pictures uploaded thank you

  19. Evie T.

    Evie has made her star and we have uploaded a video of her singing ☺️

    1. Mrs Hameed

      Well done Evie, I will upload onto blog soon.I love how your always happy and smiling in your videos.Fab!😊

  20. Mrs Hameed

    Hello superstars looking forward to seeing some super work today!😊

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