Reception Homework

This week children will show their creative skill by using items that they have at home to make something which can protect an egg.


You can use boxes, packets, bags, cotton wool, anything that you think will stop an egg from breaking.

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Talk to your child about the items that they are using and why they might be good to protect an egg. You will need to bring the Egg Protectors into school. Children will be given the chance to test their Egg Protectors with a real egg to see which ones stop an egg from breaking.

This homework will enable the children to develop their language skills, predict what may happen, be creative and work together with others.

If you have any questions please ask your class teacher.

23 thoughts on “Reception Homework

  1. Aayan was over excited and attempted to make an egg protector .we tried twice the first egg protector broke but the egg was safe.
    The second egg protector was the best by far. Aayan like his egg protector.

  2. Maryam has enjoyed making her colourful themed egg protecter with colourful feathers, coulorful straws and we painted string to match the colourful theme. Maryam is excited to bring her egg protector into school.

  3. Me and my brother armaan Riaz enjoyed making
    Egg we choose theme captain egg,.
    We used cotton wool,
    Tissues, empty tub, and a bag.
    As a parachute.l hope this will help when it gets drop.

  4. My brother Qasim khan and sister Alisha help me design this egg.Its theme is spider egg with some materials found in my home, I hope it will portect it when its dropped. I really enjoyed make the egg.


    Empty tub

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