At Broad Heath we want children to be active learners who become great thinkers, super readers, fantastic writers, are kind, considerate but most all are inspired to learn. By working together, we can make this school year a very positive and successful inspirational experience for both you and your child.

The children are to choose at least two activities from each row per week and complete in either their Homework book, Blog or on Purple Mash. The homework must be returned to school by Tuesday the following week after the homework has been set. A minimum of 2 pieces of homework must be completed each week.

4 responses to “Reception Homework”

  1. Kanishka P.

    I have done my transport book homework which is on the paper provided. I have also completed the symmetrical shapes on purple mash.

  2. Retaj I.

    I have done my homework on paper

  3. Ayaan M.

    I have done my home work. I done 2 activities on paper. This is in my home work folder.

  4. Hanfaa N.

    I have done symmetrical shapes on purple mash and my transport book is on paper in my reading folder. I have worked very hard and am very happy.

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