Reception Homework.

For homework this week I would like you to make a junk model sleigh for Santa or of a house for Santa to visit.  Use empty boxes and cartons that you have at home and stick them together.

VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

This is an example of a junk model.  This is of a ship.

Red group: Can you work with you grown up to write labels for the 2D shapes that you can see (i.e. square, circle, rectangle, triangle).

Orange and Yellow groups: Can you work with you grown up to write labels for the 3D shapes that you use.

Blue and Green groups: Can you  write labels and a fact for the 3D shapes that you use (i.e. a cone with 2 faces).

Extra Question:  Which shapes fit together the best?  Which shapes just will not fit together well?  Why do you think this might be?


If you have any questions come and see a member of the Early Years Team.

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  1. I made a beautiful house for Santa. I used a cuboid,a triangular prism and two cylinders.A cuboid has eight sides and four faces.A cylinder has two sides and two faces.A triangular prism has five faces and nine sides.The shapes which have flat sides can best fit together. And

  2. I enjoyed making Santa’s house with my mum. The best part was when I was decorating it with glitters.
    I used 2D shaped boxes(cylinder, rectangle, square and triangle). square and rectangle have 2 faces and fitted each other perfectly, while the oval and the circle have 1 face.

  3. Shapes with flat sides fit together well and shapes which are round or have points dont.

    The shapes we used are

    Cuboid – 6 faces and 8 points
    Cylinder – 3 faces and no points
    Triangular prism – 5 faces

    I made a rocket with my mummy and used lots of colours.

  4. I really enjoyed making the robot with my mom and I really want to bring it to shool and I am really exited to show it to my friends and my teacher

  5. Extra question-
    I think that the cuboid fitted together well. The cylinders did not fit that well together.Because they were round and had only 2 faces!

  6. I have made Santa’s sleigh, with my brother and my mum. I used alot of different 3D shapes.I used cuboids,cubes,cylinders and a shape that looks like rudolf the red nosed reindeer. It was lots of fun!Ican explain how many faces each shape has.The cylinder has 2 faces. The cuboid has 6 faces. The cube has 6 faces. I used some of the cuboids to be presents. It was so much fun !!!!!!!!!.

  7. Aayan had fun doing his homework. We used different shapes to make santa’s sleigh. We used cuboid, cylinder and cube shapes. Aayan decorated his sleigh using christmas wrapping paper. Well done Aayan.

  8. I made my Santa house using rectangle, oval, square and triangle shapes. I made my house with my mom and dad and enjoyed finding the boxes and making it.

  9. We always enjoy learning about shapes, what is even more fun is when the children learn without even realising it such as when they create different objects using shapes and they have fun while doing so. Shapes are all around us we just have to look and find them.

  10. Shapes with flat surfaces can fit together better as they have no curves and points.
    I have made a house for santa to visit . My sister helped me and we used a square cereal box for the house and a cylinder shape for the chimney.

  11. i think that the rectangles,the squeres and the triangles can fit because they have a flat side. i dont think that the ovals fit because they dont have a flat side.

  12. i like the triangle and the sqaure.
    they are my favierate.
    i love to learn about shapes espechally to learn about the triangles and the sqaures.

  13. I made a house with my mum out of a square box and a used toilet roll, the square box was quite straight forward, Daddy thought the cylinder would be harder to use, But mummy said we could use it as a chimney, What a great idea, I used a couple of spheres for windows and a rectangle for a front door also I used a triangle as a roof, I had a great time making this with mummy and daddy

  14. square and rectangle have 2 faces,and they could fit best together. circles and ovals have 1 face,and they could not fit best together.

  15. The rectangles and squares can fit shapes together but circles and ovals can not fit shapes because they do not have flat sides.

  16. I made a junk model sleigh for santa and my sister helped me so I used a chopped tomatoes box, a water bottle, sticks, my mom’s medicine boxes and a sprinkles box.

    The cube and cuboid could fit together because they have flat sides but the cylinder couldn’t fit on it’s curve side.

  17. The squares, rectangles and triangles shapes could fit best together, because they all have flat sides. The shapes that could not fit well together are circles, cylinders and ovals, because they do not have flat sides.

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