Reception Homework

This week children are to use items that they have at home to make something which can protect an egg.


You can use boxes, packets, bags, cotton wool, anything that you think will stop an egg from breaking.


Talk to your child about the items that they are using and why they might be good to protect an egg. You will need to bring the Egg Protectors into school. Children will be given the chance to test their Egg Protectors with a real egg to see which ones stop an egg from breaking.

This homework will enable the children to develop their language skills, predict what may happen, be creative and work together with others.

If you have any questions please ask your class teacher.

8 thoughts on “Reception Homework

  1. Malaika make her egg protector with her mummy help.and she is very happy to bring her egg protector for experiment with miss Dahill and her friends.

  2. Ravi wanted a chocolate cake for pudding and said he could use the empty container for his homework project, Mum said what a good idea, so after Sunday dinner, Ravi and Mummy proceeded to make a egg holder out of a chocolate cake container and some cotton wool, using the base of the container placing cotton wool in and cotton wool at the top, simple and effective and a enjoyable Sunday afternoon

  3. It’s lovely to see you are excited Qasim. Talk about the materials you choose for your egg protector so that you can describe them in class next week.

  4. I am so exited to make my very own egg house. I cannot wait to find my egg protection material that I’m looking around my house for with my mum.

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