Reception Homework Over Half Term

Following on from our lovely week of music, I would like you to make your own instrument with your adults at home. You can use junk modelling, anything that you would like as long as you check with an adult first. Here are some ideas, you don’t have to copy these, your own ideas are great.


Red/Orange – Make your instrument and write some words to describe it.
Yellow – Write one sentence to describe your instrument.
Blue/Green – Write three sentences to describe your instrument.


Literacy – What Have you Been Doing Over Half Term?

Red/Orange – Draw a picture and write words to tell me what you have done over Half Term.
Yellow – Draw a picture and write a sentence to tell me what you have done over Half Term.
Blue/Green – Draw a picture and write 5 sentences or more to tell me what you have been doing over Half Term.


Maths – Counting and One More and One Less

Red – Practise counting up to 10 and writing numbers.
Orange/Yellow – Ask your adult to pick a number between 1-10 and you have to say what is one more. Play again and you have to say what is one less.
Blue/Green – For the following numbers, can you tell me what is one more and one less:
12,  5,  22, 18,  30,  15,  45, 14,  26,  82,  


Any questions please ask a teacher for help.

8 thoughts on “Reception Homework Over Half Term

  1. We have visitor we are happy because My family coming from Plymouth for to
    Day than we where Birmingham for one day
    Then we coming home my mum cooking done with Ethan

  2. In the half term week I had lots of fun.
    On Wednesday I went to jam jam boomerang with my friends and my family and we had a great day.
    On Saturday I went to IkEA with my mum and Dad and bought lots of stuff.

  3. I made a guitar with my mum.
    we made it using a cardboard box, a shoes box and elastic bands.
    we also coloured using different paints and I can not wait to show mrs maher.

  4. more-less
    12 – 13 – 11
    5 – 6 – 4
    22 – 23 – 21
    18 – 19 – 17
    30 – 31 – 29
    15 – 16 – 14
    45 – 46 – 44
    14 – 15 – 13
    26 – 27 – 25
    82 – 83 – 81

    I got some straws and made a flute,
    Me and my mum made a drum set,
    It was quite good to make a drum set

    I learnt to count to 100,
    I know my alphabet
    I can read my word list,
    I have learnt some sentences,
    I know my shapes,

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