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Reception Homework – Summer 1 – Week 1.

Please complete two pieces of homework from Week 1 and send via email to EYupload@broadheath.Coventry.sch.uk or complete in your homework book and send into school next week.

7 responses to “Reception Homework – Summer 1 – Week 1.”

  1. Yasmin H.

    Yasmin she has done ✅

  2. Shreya S.

    Riya and Shreya have completed their week 1 homework.

  3. Adam K.

    Adam completed mathematics and literacy and wow challange

  4. Oliwia B.

    Oliwia has completed her homework

  5. Gaira M.

    Mustafa has completed his math and literacy homework

  6. Aaron R.

    Aaron has completed maths and literacy homework and they have been emailed.

  7. Iver V.

    I have completed my homework in my homework book.

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