20 thoughts on “Reception Homework – Summer 2 – Week 1

  1. Rumaysa has completed her homework, this had been sent by email.
    She said if something is heavy it sinks and if something is light it floats.

  2. Oliwia found

    A monster truck with 4 wheels
    A car with 4 wheels
    A bus with 4 wheels
    A scooter with 3 wheels
    And a bicycle with 2 wheels ( oliwia’s has 4 wheels because of her stabilisers.

    Her photos have been uploaded

  3. Hatim found a fire truck,a rescue car,an army truck,a police car,a tractor🚜 ,an excavator,a bus, a tank,a helicopter, an aeroplane, a road roller, a car and a bus😊

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