Reception Homework – think about your trip to the Farm


Think about your trip to the farm.

Red group – draw a picture to show your day and label.

Orange and Yellow group – draw a picture to show your day, label it and write 3 sentences about the trip.

Blue and Green group – draw a picture to show your day, label it and write a recount starting when we left school and finishing when you arrived back into class.

In your writing I would like you to use lots of describing words, use some narrative, think about what people said yesterday. Make sure you have capital letters, finger spaces and full stops in the right place. When you have finished, read your work to check your spelling is correct. Let’s get some super writing Reception.

3 thoughts on “Reception Homework – think about your trip to the Farm

  1. First I woke up and I put my clothes on.After that I ate my breakfast because I didn’t want to be late for my trip I went school early.When I came in Mrs Dahil put a saftey sticker on so if we get lost we would be safe.Before we went on the coach there was a bing bong to say that the coach was coming.My partner was Saira when we got on the coach Mrs Dahil told us where to sit with our partners.When the coach arrived at oak farm we got out of the coach Mrs Dahil told us to stand on the path.Next we fed the animals this was our first activity.When we finished our first activity we played swing,pirate ship and slide this was fun.After this we ate our scrumpchious and yummy lunch!In a short time we finished our lunch and fed the hungry animals again!Also we toched some of the animals.Meanwhile when we finished touching the animals we washed our hands with soap so we don’t spread germs everywhere.Then we sat on the coach with our partners we also put our seatbelts on and the coach was on its way to school.After the coach had arrived at school we got out.When we got out of the coach we walked to the classroom.Mrs Dahil opened the door and we went to our parents and went home.

  2. I enjoyed the trip, seen lots of different animals πŸŽπŸπŸ‡πŸ“πŸ•πŸ–. The parrot came and said that it was time to go.

  3. I loved and enjoyed the trip so much. It was so much fun and there were lots of different animals that I touched. There were chickens,rabbits, ponies and sheep and dogs. I also went on the slides, the ball pit and the swings. I had so much fun with my friends and we loved the trip.

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