Reception Homework – Week 2

Please find below your new homework for this term. This week please complete two of the three activities for week 2 on the homework planner. You will find the link to your Literacy homework below. Once your child has completed their homework please email a picture of it to the email address below. When emailing homework please ensure that you clearly write your child’s name and class in the subject of the email. For example: James – Class RW.


40 thoughts on “Reception Homework – Week 2

  1. Marceline has practised putting on her
    own clothes by herself correctly.
    She has also completed the exercise on Education city and enjoyed it so much, she had a few successful attempts.

  2. Oliwia has completed her homework . She got 100% on Education City . She enjoyed practicing catch with her brother . She got 14 catches and then 28 .

  3. Safiyyah has completed her homework on education city.
    She was able to catch 7 out of 10 throws.
    Safiyyah can put on her clothes independently and put on her shoes on the correct leg.

  4. Shanum has completed her homework on Education City.
    She caught the ball 6 out of 10 throws.
    She is able to put on her clothes and put on her shoes on the correct feet.

  5. Faith has completed all are homework week2 education City 2 different types of mathematics and English tow pictures and two video, l have sent it just now.

  6. Hosanna has done her homework and sent it via email.One video while counting how many times she catches the ball and another one wearing her shoes all by herself.About literacy ,she scored 100% .She has completed the talking stories task as well.
    Thank you

  7. Adam completed mathematics, wow challenge and literacy he scored 95%… Adam also completed the talking task homework and is in his reading book bag.

  8. Amelia has completed the Education City and scored 100%.
    She has also uploaded a video of her Mathematics (counting and catching a ball).

  9. Can we please see homework at the top of the page for blogs in reception red children as I missed homework as I couldn’t find the link for the first week😭.Thankyou.

    • Afternoon,
      The homework will be at the top when posted but if other things are added it will fall down. We do not have the capacity to keep it at the top,so it is important you look at blogs daily.
      Many thanks.
      Mrs Frankish

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