Reception Homework – What is Mrs Maker making?

Reception have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes this term. Shapes are all around us in our house and in the outdoor environment.

Look at the Mrs Maker video below and find items in your house to draw a shape picture using your imagination.

  1. Green & Blue Group – Name the 3D shapes that you have used to make the shape picture.
  2. Yellow & Orange: Label the 2D shapes draw and write some information about them using the words sides and corners.
  3. Red Group – Label and name the 2D shapes on you picture.

Please can you ensure that your homework is handed in by Wednesday the latest. If you need any support with your homework please ask any member of the Early Years team.

Thank-you Miss Ford for being this weeks Mrs Maker.

21 thoughts on “Reception Homework – What is Mrs Maker making?

  1. I made a Thomas toy train and robbot with my mum help.we used the empty box of biscuit and the lid of the jar and I enjoy to draw these pictures and we had fun.

  2. I made a train
    I used a :
    Two small circles for the wheels
    Small rectangle for the chimney. The place where the steam comes out.

  3. my son abdullah made a house using shapes which was vary intresting and creative.He received a gift from the head teacher and was vary happy to be appreciated.

  4. We’ll done reception. Your all working really hard on your 2 and 3D shapes. Maybe when you’ve made a picture using the shapes you could come to 1 Red and show us your pictures, we’d love to see it.

  5. Well done Darshan you were the first to bring in your homework picture brilliant work. Come on reception Blue you are Mr Harwood’s Heros don’t let him down get drawing your shape pictures and bring them in to school.

  6. I drew a wonderful house so i used a raisins box to draw the body of the house, a ruler to draw the top of the house, a rubber to draw the chimney and the door of the house.I am going to show the picture to my teacher tomorrow.

  7. BH is full of superstar teachers who take the time to create fun and exciting videos. This is an incredible way for children to do homework at home in the most fun and creative way. Well done Team EYs😎

  8. My daughter has made a scene in a shoe box at home using items from around the home, after being inspired by your clip. She created a scene by drawing around the items and cutting them out. She also used a sheet of square paper to make a fan to add to the scene.
    Thank you for giving her some ideas she thought it was a lot of fun and she really enjoyed herself.

  9. What a fantastic picture Mrs Maker made using shapes around us.
    Come on my super learners get your thinking caps on, see what pictures you can make and write about . Bring in your work to school and maybe we can make a shape book to show Mrs Frankish all about our super learning skills.

    I can’t wait to see all your lovely work. 😃

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