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Reception Literacy – Writing (25.02.21)

Hello Reception Super Stars!

The story of the week is ‘Firefighter’ by the authors Ando Twin and Lucy M. George. Today we will be writing all about a firefighter or fire engine as part of our new topic ‘People Who Help Us’.

View the learning flip first as below:

Bronze Challenge: Draw a fire engine and write key words to describe it.

Silver Challenge – Draw a picture of the fire fighter and attempt to write a simple sentence about what he is wearing.

Gold Challenge – Draw a picture of the firefighter and describe what he is wearing. To challenge yourself further can you write a sentence about what he does.

Please comment on the blog to say that you have completed the learning and upload the work on your class links below:

Reception Red – Click Here

Reception Blue – Click Here

Reception White – Click Here

78 responses to “Reception Literacy – Writing (25.02.21)”

  1. Hannah B.

    Hannah did the bronze and silver challenge. Sorry for the late entry

  2. Warizah I.

    Warizah did bronze challenge i have uploaded the video and picture

    1. Mrs Jahangir

      Thank you it is lovely 😊

  3. Evie T.

    Evie has comepleted all challenges and we’ve sent pictures

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Fantastic Evie you completed the Bronze and Silver challenges.

      You have attempted to write neatly on the line, remember to put a full stop at the end of a sentence.

      Well done

  4. Dominik B.

    Dominik has finished his work, pictures have been sent.

    1. Mrs Dahil

      A fantastic picture of a firefighter and I love his happy face.

      You have written super sentences, neatly written on the line and you have even used the word ‘and’ to extend the sentence.

      Well done

  5. Mirr A.

    Mirr has done it

    1. Mrs Dahil

      A super picture of a firefighter and a fire engine. You have really tried hard to write a sentence.

      Keep practising to form your letters on the line.

      Well done

  6. Sulaiman A.

    Sulaiman completed his work. Uploaded to SharePoint.

    1. Mrs Dahil

      Sulaiman I love your picture of the firefighter who has a lovely smile on his face just like you.

      You write a super sentence attempting to write on the line. Keep practising the letter ‘e’.

      Well done

  7. Haris S.

    Completed my work pictures uploaded thank you.

    1. Mrs Dahil

      A fantastic picture and you wrote 2 sentences to describe the firefighter attempting to write on the line.

      Try to form the tail of the letter ‘g’ below the line.

      Well done

  8. Ahsan M.

    I sent Ahsan work.

    1. Mrs Dahil

      A good attempt to draw and write about the fire engine.

      Using your segmenting and blending skills attempt to write the colour of the fire engine.

  9. Adam O.

    Adam has completed the task and we have uploaded a picture.

    1. Mrs Dahil

      A fantastic picture of a fire engine which is labelled.

      I am sure that you can use one of the words and attempt to write a simple sentence.

      Have a go.

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