Reception Home Learning : Literacy Writing 23.06.21

Hello Reception Super Stars!

The story of the week is ‘Duck int the truck’ by the author Jez Alborough. I would like you to listen to the story again as this will help you with your writing.

First view the story and the learning flip below.

Bronze Challenge: Draw the truck and write key words to describe it.

Silver Challenge – Draw a picture of the truck and write two sentences about it.

Gold Challenge – Draw a picture of the the truck in the story and write sentences describing what happened in the story.

Please comment on the blog to say that you have completed the learning and upload the work on your class links below:

Reception Red Click Here

Reception Blue Click Here

Reception White Click Here


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  1. The mud is making sure that the truck can’t get through.
    The duck is pushing the truck.
    The frog is pushing the truck.
    The sheep is pushing the truck.
    The truck is completely stuck.

    • Hudaa you need to complete the Gold Challenge by drawing a picture and writing sentences about what is happening in the picture.

      I look forward to seeing and receiving your work.

    • I loved looking at your step by step pictures of your sentence writing.

      Try to for the tails of the letter ‘g’ and ‘p’ below the line.

      Well done Haris

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