Reception Notices and Homework

Next week we will be learning all about space travel.  To help us we will be reading the book, ‘Mungo and the Spiders from Space’.

Your homework is listed below;

Green and Blue groups: Can you write the story that you think Mungo is about to hear?  You need to think about the setting of the story and the characters that you know are in it.

Yellow and Orange groups: Can you draw a picture and write a sentence to describe what you think the space spiders will look like?  Think about the lovely, special adjectives you could use.

Red group: Can you write a list of all of the toys in this picture?  Look carefully as I could see ten!


Can you all build a junk model spaceship?  What shapes did you use?  What shapes are the best?  What shapes are the worst? What shaped faces does a cube have?



  • Our trip is on Tuesday.
  • The coach leaves at 9.00am so please make sure your child is in school on time.
  • Packed lunches will be provided if your child usually has a school dinner.
  • If you send your child with a packed lunch please put it in a plastic bag with their name on it.  This way they can discard the bag when they are finished.
  • Please put sun cream on your child.
  • Your child does not need their school uniform but they will need sensible clothes and sensible shoes – we will be walking around a zoo.
  • Spending money will not be required.
  • We should be back by 3.15pm and children will only be handed over at their classrooms!  Please avoid the Hanford Close entrance as this can cause safety issues.  If we are late due to traffic we will inform the office and they will keep you informed.


19 thoughts on “Reception Notices and Homework

  1. Mungo mum,Mungo,the evil DR,the surperhero. In a nice day Mungo has a space and he love it so much,then it is bedtime “read book read book mum!,he said after he pull mum dress falliey mum read the book and is the End.

  2. I think that the story might be about spiders. There will be spider robots and they will make a big web and captain galacticcus will be stuck on it and then he will be tickled.

  3. Book withone Mungo has from his mum called “Galacticus and Gizmo save the universe”. Book was about a Superhero Galacticus and his best friend Gizmo. They have a space rocket. They used this space rocket because they want to flying to cosmos. They want save the Universe.
    In the cosmos live a terrible Spiders that want to take over the Earth. Superhero Galacticus and his friend Gizmo have a magic juice that can make the Spiders fell asleep for many years.
    Terrible Spiders were terrible hungry so they were drank a magic juice and they asleep for long time.
    Gizmo and Superhero Galacticus come back to the space rocket and they were back to the Earth.They are save the universe.

  4. One day,Mungo’s mum brought him a book called Galacticus and Gizmo save the universe.He begged his mum to read him his new book before he went to sleep.His mum read the new book for him.It was about a captain called Galacticus who got caught by an evil person called Dr Frankenstinker because his mum brought it from the jumble sale it was ripped and had sellotape on the pages.One page was missing and Mungo was curious to find out what happened next.He closed his eyes and found out that he was inside a space rocket with Gizmo.He was flying through space trying to find Galacticus and the evil Dr Frankenstinker.On his way he saw evil spiders.They wanted to get to Earth so they could destroy it.Together they were destroying the evil spiders.They found Dr Frankenstinker and Galacticus.They untied Captain Galacticus and told Dr Franknstinker off.Dr Frankenstinker was angry and Captain Galacticus and his friend Gizmo said Thank You to Mungo.Mungo flew back to earth and went to sleep.
    The End

  5. Onec a pon time there was a boy called Mungo.
    He just getting a book called glactocs save the universe.
    His mum found it was jambly sale
    It was tall and stak together with stick tape.
    But she knew that Mungo will Love that .
    Mungo said to his mum readt mum ,read it please said Mungo.
    The End

  6. Once a pun there was time the little boy called Mungo.

    He has got a special book for him its calld Mungo
    and the spider from space.
    Mungo said to his mum read it for me .
    And she readt the book for him .
    The End .

  7. Mungo and the spider from space

    Mungo was on a mission in his Superfast space rocket flying into space to save the universe. As Mungo arrived into space he came across some huge spider webs.

    Mungo saw lots of aliens who had captured the spiders.
    There were huge big hairy spiders staring back at Mungo.
    Mungo managed to cut through the webs and all the spiders ran away as they saw the space rocket coming towards them.
    Everybody cheered at Mungo saying he was a superhero who saved the universe.

  8. Mungo and the Spider from space

    The story he about to hear is
    The hero ,captain Galacticus, has been capture by the evil Dr Frankinstinker and the things don’t look good. Mongo cant wait to find out what happen next, when he turns over the last page were missing. Dr Frankenstinker’s evil, space spider plan needs to be foiled in order to save the universe. Mungo takes a deep breath and jumps into the story and his very own space odyssey.
    Mungo saved the universe and become the youngest ever member of star.

  9. Galaptacus and the spiders from space went on an adventure to planet Jupiter. Planet Jupiter is a gigantic red planet. Galaptacus started to fly his rocket around Jupiter to see what he could see, but then his rocket burst. Then the evilest scientist showed up and he had made a web to catch Galaptacus and now Galaptacus is in danger. Mungo jumped into the book and he flew his rocket ship to Jupiter to save Galaptacus.
    The End

  10. Mungo.
    MungoS `Mum.
    The evil dR.
    The superhero.

    Mungo had a book and he loved it.

    One day mungo had a book .
    He said ,read it mum .
    So his mum read it .
    He said the book is nice.

  11. Mungo and the Spider from Space.

    Mungo was a very little boy. He was very lucky to have a special book, that his mum gave him. This book allowed Mungo to transport into the story.

    Mungo had a special mission. This mission was Mungo going into a dark, evil planet, where giant spiders lived. These spiders wanted to attack the earth.

    The spiders were all hairy, had sharp teeth and had big eyes. Mungo used his space rocket to watched these spiders and had to come up with a plan.

    As Mungo travelled back to earth, he decided to upgrade his space rocket. He put on laser beams and made his rocket supersonic. Mungo told everyone “I must protect the earth, from these evil spiders.”

    As Mungo got into his new rocket, he flew into the sky in a supersonic speed, after reaching the planet. The spider look ready to attack. Before they could Mungo zapped all the spiders one by one.

    After complete the mission, Mungo travel back to earth and was greeted as a hero. Everyone was shout Mungo, Mungo, Mungo. Mungo was given a medal by the mayor. Mayor said “You are a brave boy.”

    Then suddenly Mungo woke up, and realised it was just a dream. He was not a real superhero, he was just a little boy who wanted to be a real superhero.

    The end.

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