22 thoughts on “Reception Reading Challenge

  1. The-the is a big cat.
    When-when is the party?
    About-tell me about a story.
    What- what is it?
    There-there is a story book.
    you-what are you doing?
    do-can you do it?

  2. The fox was orange.
    When did you buy the hat.
    I found out of the caterpillar.
    what do you want?
    there was a pair of red shoes.
    you were being good at school.
    do your work.

  3. Mus’ab still can’t use his password to log in, instead he use mine.
    THE rat sat on a mat.
    WHEN does it rain?
    My brother told me ABOUT the pantomime.
    WHAT is your name?
    What is over THERE?
    What do YOU know?
    DO you like football?

  4. THE sweets are nice.
    i like playing outside WHEN its dry.
    we were learning ABOUT people who help us.
    WHAT is your name?
    we went THERE on holiday.
    i love YOU mummy.
    i must DO my homework.

  5. The stars are bright.
    When is it bed time?
    The story is about the cat.
    What is the book about?
    There is a cat in a tree.
    You are in the zoo.
    Do this said mum.

  6. The teachers of my class are wonderful.
    I feel happy when i am in school.
    I am very excited to know about butterflies in Butterfly
    What a lovely sunny day today.
    There is a play ground in our school.
    Miss Addie and Mr. Mahmood you are the best teachers.(y)
    I do like playing with my best friend. :)

  7. In the school when it was dinner time and I was about to climb the slide I saw there was a scary spider.what I saw it was going catch my friend. I got an idea to stop the spider from getting on my friend I found a rock in mud and throw it .Do you know I rescued my friend from the spider.

  8. My iPad is THE best.
    WHEN will I go to the park.
    I am telling you ABOUT my new car.
    Are you going to DO press ups.
    WHAT are you doing dad?
    THERE is a bird.
    Wow YOU are a good boy.

  9. I have already been to the butter fly farm. I have seen butterflies and a lizard up the ceiling. My mum and dad have brought me and my brother a butter fly ball.

  10. Broad Heath Citizens is about being kind and helpful, when there is a problem we help them with what to do and you must listen to the teachers.

  11. These are my super sentences starting with these words:

    THE school Broad Heath is amazing.

    WHEN I go to school I remember to keep my thinking cap on.

    ABOUT what time are we going to the summer fair at school.

    WHAT time will we start our singing lesson for morning of music.

    THERE is a fair called the Big Bang which is fun with science and creativity.

    YOU can come to my party.

    DO you want to build a snowman.

    thank you for reading!!! :) :) :)

  12. THE school will be closed on Wednesday 26th March 2014.

    WHEN am I going to school.

    It’s all ABOUT me.

    WHAT DO YOU like watching on T.V.

    THERE is no ice-cream in the freezer.

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