Reception Reading Challenge – Summer 1

Bronze: How does the Rainbow Fish feel at the start? How does it feel at the end?

Silver: What happens at the beginning, middle and end of the story?

Gold: The Rainbow Fish has lots of beautiful scales.  If you were writing a story what would your character have lots of?  What words would you use to describe the thing your character has?

Platinum: Write your own story about a character that has lots to share but does not want to share it.

15 thoughts on “Reception Reading Challenge – Summer 1

  1. Rainbow fish feels happy and nervous, also feels like swimming all day. At the end he feels lonely and sad, also terrify because he has no friends. He also gets scared by other sharks.

  2. The rainbow fish was lonely at the start because she did not share her shine scale with other fish’s but at the end she was happy because she shared her shine scale.

    rainbow fish feels very sad and alone in the start because it does not share its colourful scales with the other fishes but at the end she was very happy because she shared all her scales and she has lots of friends.

  4. Platinum challenge
    One day there was a Princess who has lots of toys and she didn’t want to share and that was naughty. The other children didn’t want to play because she won’t share and it makes them sad. The Princess was sad because she had no friends so she said sorry and shared her toys and they all played together.

  5. Platinum challenge
    One day there was a big and selfish dinosaur and he had lots of yummy food to eat but its friends didn’t have any food. Its friends always asked to give them food but he didn’t so the dinosaur didn’t have any friends. The dinosaur had no friends to play with so it was sad and alone. Finally the dinosaur shared all its yummy food with friends and was not sad and alone forever after.

  6. Bronze challenge

    At the beginning he felt lonely because didn’t have any friends but he felt very happy and proud at the end.

    Silver challenge

    At the beginning the rainbow fish didn’t share its beautiful and sparkling scales with friends and at the middle the octopus advised the rainbow fish to share its scales with other fish otherwise it won’t be the most beautiful fish in the ocean so the rainbow fish gave every fish one of its shiny scales. Finally everyone was so glad that they had a shiny scale and the rainbow fish had lots of friends with one scale left for self.

    Gold challenge

    If I were writing my own story,my character would have the small,nice,neat,careful,interesting,kind and friendly words to describe.

  7. rainbow fish feel so proud at the start but at the end rainbow fish feel so happy.

    in the beginning rainbow fish was proud because he looks beautiful so he don’t to play with the middle he was sad because nobody play with him and in end he made friends he gave all his shiny and colourful scales to everybody so they all happy and played together.
    my character have lots of things like friendly,active ,little naughty and helpful

  8. In the start, the fish was good healthy and beautiful in the end he was not good.

    Silver challenge
    MY character would have lots of spider men me ajective will be good.

  9. Bronze
    The fish felt happy feeling free and good .
    In the end he was sad because of being bullied.


    My character would have alto of shields the words to describe are brave strong.

  10. Bronze- first he felt lonely as he didn’t have any friends and at the end he was really happy because he made friends.

    Silver- The rainbow fish had no friends because he swam of when the other fish asked him to play. He gave his sparkly blue scales to the other fish. The he made some friends.

    Gold- my character would have lots of hair.
    Long, silky, nice, shiny, thick, colourful, beautiful, straight and has a plait.

  11. The rainbow fish at the start was sad because he had no friends and he was in the middle because he did not want to share his blue sparkly scale but was happy at the end with all his friend after he shared his scales.

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