8 thoughts on “Reception Red-Describing and Tasting Fruit!

  1. My fruit was so so yummy, even I loved it. The best fruit was mango. The kiwi was yummy. The orange was juicy. I didn’t taste the pineapple because I don’t like the feel of the pineapple. I enjoyed talking to my friends about the fruit we were eating. Overall I enjoyed the fruit tasting experience with my friends.

  2. I tasted pineapple, and I love it because pineapple is so juicy .
    Pineapple is spiky.

    I also tasted orange . It was juicy and yummy too.
    Orange has a smooth skin.

    I tasted kiwi and I love it because it is sweet,
    Kiwi is hard and has rough skin.

  3. I tasted mango, pineapple, orange and banana. The mango was sweet. The pineapple was a little bit hard and sour and the orange was juicy and sweet.

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