Reception Red Firefighters

This week Reception have been learning all about Firefighters and the ways in which they help us.  We were very lucky to have a visit from some real Firefighters – which we enjoyed very much. The children asked them some great questions and learned lots of exciting facts about the Firefighter’s different roles and the equipment they use. They even brought along a Fire Engine for us to see too!

Watch our fire safety video below:

Visit from the firefighters:

What do you do when you hear the fire alarm?

What number do you call for a fire emergency?

Can you name the different equipment that firefighters have?

6 thoughts on “Reception Red Firefighters

  1. I loved this visit from the firefighters. You asked them some great questions and we learned a lot. I am glad you all know what to do and were very sensible during our fire drill practise. 🔥 I especially enjoyed getting to try on the firefighter’s special outfit and equipment – it was very hot and heavy! Our fire service do a great job and are very brave! 🚒

  2. When we hear the fire alarm we stop, line up, follow teacher and walk to the muga and listen for the register.
    We call 999.
    Firefighters have axe, hammer, cutter and other tools. Hose, uniform, helmet, heat camera and a fire engine.

  3. 1. You have to get out of your house or school.
    2. 999.
    3. Helmet, fire jacket, special clothes, black boots, yellow trousers, black gloves

  4. stop, look and listen, walk calmly to the door, follow the teachers outside

    999 is the fire emergency and rescue

    They have special clothes to protect them including special boots, they have hard helmet, fireproof gloves to protect their hands from the fire.

  5. Walk to nearest exit, and line up at assembly point.

    Call 999 for fire brigade.

    They have hard hat, fire proof jackets, wellington shoes and fireproof glove’s.

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