Reception Red Learning

The children have had a super start to the term with their topic ‘Living and Growing’. Look at the video below which showcases all the learning that has happened in Reception Red:

1.What have you enjoyed the most?

2. Using time words can you explain the life cycle of the butterfly?

3. How do you plant a seed?

4. What does a plant need to help it to grow?

5. What is double 3, double 4 and double 5?

2 thoughts on “Reception Red Learning

  1. 1-Malaika said I enjoyed planting the seeds most.
    2-life cycle of butterflies
    1-Egg 2- caterpillar 3-chrysalis 4-butterfly.
    3-first your plant pot with soil then sprinkle your seeds into the soil then pour more soil over the seeds then pour some water.
    4-plants grow with water and sunlight.
    5-double 3 is 3+3 double 4 is 4+4 double 5 is 5+5=.

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