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🌟🌟Reception Red Superstars – Updated 29.3.20🌟🌟

Reception Red you are all working so hard at home! Mrs Dahil and I are so proud of you all and are always looking forward to receiving your pictures and videos so we can see what you have been up to!

You are a class of talented children that make us feel proud!

Brilliant maths and literacy work from superstar Simeon!

Ashton is busy working through his home learning booklet, great job Ashton!

Emil is very busy doing some fantastic learning and exercise at home! Well done Emil!

Ebunoluwa has been busy at home doing some maths and phonics work, look at that lovely smile!

Eesaa has been doing lots of work in his home learning booklet well done Eesaa! You also make a brilliant Batman!

Some fantastic maths and phonics work from Eliza, super job!

Alisha has been doing some super home learning and lots of crafts, they look fantastic Alisha!

Max has been working through his home learning booklet, well done Max!

Yusuf has been busy and took some time to enjoy the lovely weather with his brother!

Wonderful writing from Ameera, well done superstar!

DJ says, ” I have done a lot of stuff the past few days , I helped my mummy jet wash the back garden as well as do some exercise on my trampoline, I’ve done work set out on the blog too… I am going to draw a rainbow picture on the front window this afternoon with my sister Annalisha because mummy is going to work , We will send pictures tomorrow , I am really missing everyone now but my family are really keeping me busy stay safe 😍”

DJ has been super busy over the last couple of days! Fantastic work DJ and lovely pictures!

Toleen looks just like a teacher doing some fantastic sentence writing for phonics! Great job Toleen!

“Faris and his brothers enjoying the sunshine and getting some exercise!
We are having a break from the academic learning and have been baking and shaking our sillies out and just having fun which we all needed.”

Looks like a lot of fun Faris!

Police work by Shumiyah.

Ahyan is working hard completing some work in his homework book, well done Ahyan!

“We have such beautiful weather, I hope u have made managed to enjoy some.
We do not have a garden so we went to a woodland to say good morning to the birds and played with the football and boomerang whilst still being safe. We practiced balancing and compared the rings on our fingerprints to the rings on fallen trees. We also made up stories about woodland, we all had great fun.
We took some more photos as Jari found it super fun to measure himself and his brother with different objects.”

Jari has been very busy doing some super learning at home and outside, lovely pictures Jari!

Super job everyone, keep on gaining at home! I can’t wait to see more pictures and videos soon! Keep shining my superstars! ⭐️

20 thoughts on “🌟🌟Reception Red Superstars – Updated 29.3.20🌟🌟

  1. We can’t see some of Djs pictures you put up yesterday he was very happy looking through all the work everyone has been doing , He said I really am missing my friends so much and wants to say hi to them all .

  2. Ashton says,,,I just miss you Mrs dahil and miss kennell everytime …I been playing with slime…. and jumping on my new trampoline (it’s not new)and playing matching card games with my mum

  3. You are all so wonderful!
    We miss seeing you every day but these photographs help us to feel a little bit better.
    Thank you
    Mrs Raja-Khan

    • That sounds lovely Minnah, could you send a photo of you doing some drawings to the email? I could put your pictures on the blog then!

    • Make sure you have a go at completing the workbook that you have been given and look on the blog each day to see what the learning is.

      Take care

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