🌟 RRed Super Home Learning Gallery – Summer 1 Week 2, Updated 11.05.20 🌟

Hello Reception Red! It’s time for a new weekly blog to showcase all of your super home learning! I know I say this every week but you always impress me with your fantastic work! Keep it up everyone, you are amazing!

Zoe has been super busy!

Sandra’s wonderful work!

Minnah is a superstar!

Beautiful work Eliza, well done!

Eliza’s fabulous phonics!

Look at Nick’s wonderful work!

Super butterfly Ahyan!

Look at Ashton’s super spider he has drawn on the iPad!

Ashton has painted a treasure map!

“Djs work his been busy doing today. He said hello to all my friends! I love looking at everyone’s work on the blog.” 😊

“Djs always being kept busy inside and out he really enjoyed having a water fight with his big sister.”

Alisha is busy doing some super work at home!

Alisha has been on a mini-beast hunt!

Max has made a brilliant game of snakes and ladders at home!

More of Max’s fantastic home learning!

Max you are fantastic!

Look at Toleen’s beautiful writing, well done!

Toleen has been on a mini-beast hunt!

Look at Simeon’s wonderful work!

Simeon has completed more fabulous work!

Super work Ameera, well done!

More of Ameera’s super work!

Brilliant work Ameera!

Some fantastic writing from Eesaa!

Fabulous work Eesaa!

Eesaa has bee on a mini-beast hunt, look what he found!

Eesaa’s fantastic phonics!

Jari has completed some fantastic work, well done!

Jari has completed more super work well done!

“Here is some photos of Jari’s work today.
He also completed the minibeast hunt, which he loved. Some of the photos are above of a beetle, woodlice, a slug and tadpoles however Jari and his Brother also found a spider, flies, butterflies and bees.”

Tasneem is a super home learner!

Tasneem has been busy doing some more brilliant work!

More of Tasneem’s super work!

Look at Faris’ super work, great job!

Wow Faris what a beautiful butterfly!

Faris has been on a mini-beast hunt! He found a crane fly, a beetle and a small wasp!

Faris has been very active with his brothers doing some P.E activities and Caterpillar dance moves!

Faris and his brother completing his mini-beast sticker book!

“Esa also planted mint …results after 19 days.”

Brilliant work Esa well done!

Esa has found some mini-beasts in his garden!

“DJ enjoyed today’s work.”

Minnah has completed some brilliant writing!

Ebu has dotted her numbers and her name from Miss Kennell’s blog! Well done!

More of Ebun’s super work!

Emil has done some brilliant writing and made a butterfly!

“Some photos of Isaiah’s work for today. He’s done: Letter formation,
minibeasts and Basic Skills. Our cress seeds have arrived today so we will do some cress heads later his afternoon or tomorrow morning.”

More photos of Isaiah’s fantastic work! Well done!

Brilliant butterfly art Isaiah!

Isaiah and his brother Noah have made Mr Bloom Cress heads! They look great boys!

Remember to send your pictures and videos in to bhearlyyears@broadheath.coventry.sch.uk

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