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Reception Reds Firework Artwork.

This terms topic is ‘Light and Dark’. The children this week learnt all about Guy Fawkes  and the reason behind why we celebrate bonfire night today.

The children were fascinated by the bright vibrant firework colours and used a range of media to create their own firework art.

Have a look at the video below to see all the fun the children had:

1. Create your own firework picture at home and bring in to show us all.

2. Who was Guy Fawkes and what did he try to do? Was he successful?

3. Make a list of words that describe the sounds that fireworks make?


15 thoughts on “Reception Reds Firework Artwork.

  1. Wow the firework pictures look very good. Guy Fawkes tried put the king on fire,
    But the police came in time to arrest him and they saved the king. so he was not successful. The fireworks make these sounds booooom, pang,wssssss,sssssssshhhh.

  2. We made pictures with paint ans splash paint everywhere, there is still paint on the ground.

    Guy Fawkes was captured by the police because he was trying to blow the kings house.

  3. I can’t wait to make my fire work picture and bring it school.
    2. Guy fox was the man who was trying to blow the house of parliament with his friends. He also tried to get rid of the king.
    3. Boom,ping ,papa

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