Reception Shared Story – 22.02.21

Hello Reception Superstars!

Today, I would like you to listen to the story linked to our new ‘People Who Help Us’ topic. The story is ‘Firefighter’ by the authors Ando Twin and Lucy M. George.

After you have listened to the story I would like you to complete the challenge questions below.

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  1. The fire can spread and can harm you or others around you
    A fire can be caused by not watching the stove, something can catch on fire like a cloth, or using things like matches irresponsibly.
    You should call the fire brigade.
    Firefighters wear protective suits and helmets to keep safe from fires.
    The firefighters used a hose to put out the fire.
    The teachers lined up everyone outside and took the register to make sure there was no one inside and that everyone was safe.

  2. 1. Because you can burnt and you will need to go to the hospital
    2. A lighter for the stove
    3. We need to call 999
    4. Jacket and yellow
    5. They use the water hose
    6. They tell the children to go outside because there’s a fire in the school

    • Brilliant Saalihah I can see that you listened to the story from your answers.

      Did the teachers in the school do anything else whilst they were outside?

  3. 1 you can get burn
    2 candles
    3 firefighter
    4 uniform
    5 they have used water and a hose
    6 the teacher took the children out because there was fire inside the school