Reception Spring 2 Homework.

Welcome back Reception to what will be the best term ever!

Next week we will be learning all about the story ‘The Shopping Basket’ by John Burningham. Listen to the story below and attempt to answer the questions. A special homework sticker will be awarded to those who complete the homework.



1. Create a healthy shopping list of your favourite foods and label where you would go to buy the items.

2. Did Steven get all the items that his Mum asked him to buy? What was the reasons for this?

3. What do you think Steven’s mum said to him when he got home?


1.  What items can you you name in the shopping basket below. Create a shopping list and label each item using your phonics knowledge to help you. 

2. Choose 2 items and describe what they taste like.

Image result for the shopping basket maths


Look at the different food items below. Create a shopping list by drawing and using your phonics knowledge to label each of the items.

Red Apple Clipart       banana clip art 5 600x400             



Green/Blue: Find 3 items in your home to measure. Draw and label each item using the correct measurement in cm’s,

Yellow/Orange: Draw a picture of yourself and then find  2 items that are taller and shorter than you. Record these items next to your picture showing which item is taller or shorter than yourself.

Red:  Look at the items on the shopping list below. Draw the items and number how many of each item there is. How many items are there altogether?


Do you think the animals were polite and friendly?  Why was their behaviour wrong?

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    • Well done Adam. We talked about opposites this term and you have identified two things that portray this in the different foods you have tasted.

  1. Milk from sainsburys.
    Banana from sainsburys
    cheestrings from sainsburys
    cucumber from sainsbury
    carrot from sainsburys
    strawberrys from aldi
    walnut from aldi
    honey from tesco

    • Wow Yusra, you have done lots of research about where your shopping comes from. What different foods sections can you find at Tesco’s?

  2. Literacy

    1)In the shopping basket below,there are:
    Green pepper.
    Red pepper.
    Yellow pepper.

    2)- The banana has a sweet taste.
    – The lemon has a sour taste.

  3. here Is a healthy shopping list..
    apples from Tesco
    orange from Asda
    strawberries from Morrison
    blueberry from asda
    pears from Sainsbury
    grapes from asda
    melon from Tesco
    pineapple from fruit shop
    milk local shop
    apricot from Tesco

    yes steven did get all the food items because his mum wanted them.

    I think his mum sasid that why is the basket full with less of fruit

    the animal weren’t nice to steven because they were asking steven to give them some food.


    • Good work Ikram! How do you think Steven’s mum felt when he returned home with less shopping? Can you draw me a picture and use your initial and final phoneme sounds to describe how she felt and bring in to show me?

  4. 1.My healthy shopping list:


    My mum shop all these from Sainsburry, Asda or Tesco

    2. Yes Steve did buy all the items that his mum asked him, but he couldn’t get them all safe at home because all those animals he met on his way back home.

    3. “Where on earth have you been, Steven? I only asked you to get 6 eggs, 5 bananas, 4 apples, 3 oranges for the baby, 2 doughnuts and 1 packet of crisps. How could it have taken so long?”

    I have done my maths at my paper, will bring it in.

  5. bananas’apples,pears,strawberies,oranges,broccoli,,cucumber,carrots.
    we buy all our shopping from asda,tesco and our local shops.

    steven bought all the items but he gave some to the animals.

    his mum asked…why did i take so long?
    mobile phone =22cm
    coffee table=45c
    no ithink all the animals were rude.they did not say please and thank you.

  6. Literacy
    1. Shopping List


    I would buy my shopping from Tescos.

    2. Steven did buy everything that his mum asked him to buy but then he met lots of different animals and he gave some of the food away.

    3. I think she said “where have you been Steven and where is the food I asked you to buy?”


    I have done this on paper and I will bring it in to show you.


    No the animals were not friendly they were nasty to Steven because they made him give them some of the food.

  7. I like eating oranges,apples,grapes,pineapple and plain doughnuts.

    I buy the oranges from costco.

    I also buy apples from sainsburys.

    Then I buy grapes from asda.

    I also buy pineapples from sainsburys and the doughnuts from sainsburys.

  8. Steven got all the items his mum asked for but then when he got home his basket had only 5 eggs,4 bananas,3 apples,2 oranges,1 doughnut and no crisp for his tea.

    He had only that many things because the bear took one egg.Then the monkey took one banana.Then the kangaroo took one apple.Then a goat took one orange.Then the pig took one doughnut.Then the elephant took the crisp.

    When the mum found out she said “Where on earth have you been Steven?I only asked for 6 eggs,5 bananas, 4 apples,3 oranges for the baby and 2 doughnuts and a packet of crisp for your tea.

  9. The Shopping Basket:

    1)Here is an healthy shopping list.
    Apples: you can get them from Asda.
    Bananas You can get them from Asda.
    Pears: You can get them from Asda.
    Grapes: You acn get them from Adsa.
    Oranges Frome My local shop and Morrison.
    Waterbottle: From my local shop and Asda.
    Milk: From my local shop.
    2) Yes he did, but he also got some extra items that his mum didn’t want.
    3) His mum was angry because he took to long, and also he gave away some of the food.

    1) Here are three items from home with measurements.
    Television Remote Contol = 28cm.
    Newspaper: 45cm
    Banana = 15cm.


    The animals didn’t say thank you, and also they were rude to take all his items of him.

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