Reception Summer 1 Maths Challenge

Hello Reception Superstars!
For your Maths Challenge we would like you to have a look at the shape picture of the train below and then see if you can answer the questions. Please post your answers on the blog.

  1. Can you name the 2D shapes in the picture?
  2. Can you count how many of each shape you can find?
  3. Which two shapes have the same number of sides?
  4. Which shape doesn’t have any straight sides?

Superstar challenge!

Look at the 3D shapes below and then see if you can answer the questions.

  1. Which shapes have square faces?
  2. Can you find 5 cuboid shaped objects around your house?
  3. I think the cone and the cylinder look quite similar. Do you agree with me? Can you explain your answer?


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  1. 1) Square, triangle,rectangle and circle.
    2) One triangle, 5 rectangles, 2 Squares and 4 circles.
    3) Square
    4) Circle
    Cube has a square shape.
    I found cuboid shape milk container and tomato paste container.
    Cone and cylinder shapes are not the same because cone has similar to a triangle shape but cylinder has similar to a rectangle shape.

  2. 2d shapes are triangle, circle, square and rectangle.
    I can see 1 square, 4 circles, 1 triangle and 4 rectangles.
    Square and rectangle have the same number of sides.
    The circle doesnt have any straight lines.

    1. Cube and cuboid have square faces.
    2. Yes, I found 5 cylinder shapes at home.
    3. The cylinder and cone are similar because they both have a round face but they are different because one is pointy at the bottom and one is flat at the bottom.

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