Reception White Class Enjoy a Walk Around Their Local Community

Thank you to the parents who helped on our walk today, without you it wouldn’t be possible. We had a lovely walk in the sunshine and saw lots of sights along the way. I was impressed with some of the language allowing children to demonstrate a good understanding of their own community and their local surroundings.

5 thoughts on “Reception White Class Enjoy a Walk Around Their Local Community

  1. Around my community/where I live I can pick up the rubbish on the floor and put it in the bin.
    Inside the classroom and outside in the play ground we all need to have KIND HANDS to be safe. Always follow the teacher instructions STOP, LOOK and Listen rule.

  2. Qasim, I am so pleased to see that you have used your log in and commented on the blog. Your answers to being a good citizen are very good, Mrs Frankish would like to know what you could do to improve the area you live in, around the school?

  3. Head teachers question

    We can pick up litter which is on the floor.
    Not fight on the play ground and be more responsiable.
    We listen to our parents and teachers.

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