Reception White Class Enjoy Shape Week

We have had a lovely week consolidating our shape knowledge through a range of activities. This has enabled us to produce some lovely individual work as well as a class wall mount which we can display for all to view.

Tell your parents who our Artist is and look around your home for shapes to test your parent’s knowledge. I may look for shapes at home, you need to check I label them correctly.

6 thoughts on “Reception White Class Enjoy Shape Week

  1. I found some of the 3D shapes around my house so I asked my mom about them and she answered me.

    My tablet is rectangle shape.
    My ball is sphere shape.
    The tissue roll and my fish’s food box are cylinder shape.
    Our cupboard’s drawer is cube shape.
    A medicine box is cuboid shape.
    Our house’s roof is triangular prism shape.
    We didn’t have any hexagonal prism shape at home my mom made me one from cardboard , It has got two hexagonal faces and six rectangle faces .
    My mom also made me a square based pyramid from cardboard, It has got one square face and four triangular faces.

  2. shapes week learning!

    These are some of the shapes at my home;-

    big mirror- shaped as a square.
    door- shaped as a rectangle.
    sphere- oranges and red apples.
    cube-my toy box
    sphere- my green bouncy ball.
    cylinder- my favourite biscuit pack.

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