5 thoughts on “Reception White Class Make Pizza

  1. These are the ingredients, that I put ontop of my pizza peppers,cheese, tomato purea and sweetcorn.

    When I tasted my pizza it was really delicious and scrumptious.

  2. The ingredients were bread, tomato sauce,onion,sweet corn, cheese, pepper.
    First I got a bread then I put tomato sauce on it. After I put sweet corn, onion, pepper and at the end I put cheese on it. It was very yummy.

  3. Another great video from Reception White, thank you Mrs Maher for sharing the fun. I have noticed a lot of progress in each child when it comes to speaking, well done and keep on gaining ✨

  4. Liked all the talking. Enjoyed the talking about making pizza at home. We must make sure we are safe with knives and tins as they can cut us.

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