Reception White Class Super PE

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Wow, we had just received a Corridor Brick from Graham as we walked so quietly to the Studio, when Mrs Maher then gave us a Learning Brick as all of us found a space independently ready for PE. This is something we have learnt over the last few weeks at school.


To finish our PE lesson we were put into teams and started to learn about races. Mrs Maher and Miss Akhtar had a race to demonstrate to us that we need to be fast to try and win. Miss Akhtar won, you need to try harder next time Mrs Maher!!!!

5 thoughts on “Reception White Class Super PE

  1. I was happy when Graham gave us the brick. I like to jump and hop in the PE lesson. I like reading to the teacher. I like to learn about different shapes like square and triangle, also 3D shapes.

  2. Hello Hamaad, it is lovely to see that you have posted on the blog, I am pleased. You have put lots of things that you enjoy doing while at school. 👍🏻

  3. I love school because I learn about shapes ,reading stories ,writing numbers,
    get stickers,learn how to get strong ,we eat food and win brick wall.

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