Reception White Homework Week 5

Hello Reception Superstars!

Each week you will be set an online piece of homework to complete. The homework will be set every Friday and needs to be completed by Wednesday of the following week.

Maths: Find different objects in your home to represent the number 5. Look at the flip below to guide you:

When you have made your name send a photo of your work to

Please also add a comment on the blog to inform us that you have completed your homework.


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    • Well done. I like how you drew 5 lots of different things. You were very creative with the way your wrote your name. Well done superstar.

    • Fantastic work! Thank you Freya I have received your work and I am very impressed with the different ways you have shown the number 5. Keep up the great learning.

    • Fantastic work Aadyan! I like how you have created your name using different colours and patterns. You a super understanding of the number 5. Now find different ways to make the number 5 using only 5 pencils. E.g. 2+3 =5

    • Wow! You are very creative Elim! Using objects found round your house is a fantastic idea to spell out your name! You have also got a super understanding of the number 5. Using only 5 pencils look at how many ways can you make the number 5. 2+3=5