Reception White venture out to Foleshill Road

As part of ‘Health Week, the children in Reception White ventured out to Foleshill Road to them develop a better understanding of the types of food that are available in their local area and to look at different shops that sell healthy or unhealthy foods.

Watch the short clip below to see how the children got on.

Can you which kind of shops we saw?
Name 5 fruit and vegetables you saw.
Which did not sell healthy food?

10 thoughts on “Reception White venture out to Foleshill Road

  1. We saw fruit and vegetable shop, a bakery, food shop and burger shop.
    Fruits i have seen: Watermelon, bananas, apples, orange, strawberries, kiwi.
    vegetables i have seen: Onions, cucumber, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce.
    Takeaway sells unhealthy food, like fizzy drinks, oily food and burgers.

  2. I saw vegetables shop
    Cake shop
    Burger and chip shop
    I saw oranges, bannana, watermelon, grapes, apples and vegetables name onions, patato peppers,
    Chocolate, burger fries, shops does not sell healthy food

  3. Fruit and vegetables shop, chip shop, pizza shop, sweet shop and cake shop.
    Potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, watermelon.
    Unhealthy food shop was chips and burger shop.

  4. I saw apple ,orange , water melon ,potato banana
    I saw vegetables & fruits shop
    I saw cake shop
    I saw chip shop
    I saw cake shop and many more shop in fosehill road
    Cake shop & chip shop is not healthy
    Fruits and vegetables is healthy

  5. A cake shop
    A fruit and vegetable shop
    A fries shop

    An apple
    A cauliflower
    A water melon
    A cucumber

    The fries shop wasn’t healthy and the cake shop .
    And pears

  6. We saw fruit shop, vegetable shop, cake shop, burger shop and chip shop.
    I saw banana, apples, chillis, onions and potatoes.
    The chocolate shop didn’t sell any healthy food.

  7. Fruit shop vegetable shops chocolate shop burger shop.
    Potato, oranges, chillies, peppers, bananas, melon and watermelon
    Greggs not healthy food.

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