5 thoughts on “Reception Whites Trip to Hatton Farm!

  1. Dyari had a great time at hatton farm he told me all about the snake that he had in his arms he said he loved him and would like snake to bring him one. he love to watch santa and the elf jingles and the best bit was get a present from santa so i hope you all had a really good time like dyari.

  2. Thank you RW for inviting me along for your trip to Hatton. I was blown away with the maturity each and everyone of you shown whilst feeding/holding the animals and not to forget your bravery with those snakes!! Your smiles were priceless! Thank you again for a truly magical day, Aaron’s mum.

    • Ibraheem loved the trip to Hatton country park. He loved seeing the different animals and really enjoyed Santa’s play. His favourite part of the trip was paying a visit to Santa’s secret toy store where he got to choose his own dinosaur present! Thank you so much for inviting me to come along too. I really did enjoy seeing the smiles on the children faces throughout the trip. All the children were so brave when holding animals esp snakes 😬.

      Ibraheems dad

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