Reception World Book Day – Speaking and listening (4.03.21)

Happy World Book Day Everybody!

Listening Activity

sound 1
sound 2
sound 3

Task : Type in the comments below what you think each sound is. Always answer in a full sentence. E.g. Sound 3 is the crisps being crunched.

Question: Which body part do we use to listen?

Speaking Activity

I hope you have enjoyed watching our story of The Ravenous Beast, as this will help you with the task below.

Task: Pretend to be the ravenous beast and talk about all the animals you are going to eat.

Send your videos to your class link below:
Reception Blue
Reception Red
Reception White

Have fun learning through books!


  1. Huzaifa listened and told the sounds

    Sound 1 – sounds like someone eating crisps because it has crunching voice.

    Sound 2- sound like somone is drinking water it has gulping sound.

    Sound 3- sound like someone is slurping jelly.

    Huzaifa said we use our ears to hear the sounds.

    Huzaifa said he will eat the gigantic whale.

    • Great answers – superb listening skills Huzaifa! I am really interested as to why Huzaifa would like to eat a whale (it made me smile) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Task 1 –
    Sound 1 is a crunching sound like someone eating food.
    Sound 2 is a drinking sound .
    Sound 3 is a slurping sound.

    Task 2 – i have sent a video in.

  3. Sound 1:- eating crisps
    Sound 2:- drinking milk.
    Sound 2:-eating jelly .
    Tala said she so hungry she going to eat a black and white cow .๐Ÿ„

  4. 1. Kayla said this sound is a crunching sound. Sounds like eating crisps.
    2. Kayla said this sound is a gulping sound.
    3. Kayla said this sound is a slurping sound. Sounds like drinking something.

  5. 1) I think itโ€™s someone eating crisps
    A crunchy sound
    2) I think it is someone drinking
    Itโ€™s a gulp sound
    3) I think itโ€™s someone slurping a drink or youghurt

    We use our listening ears to listen

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