Recipe for Peace

Today you all had the opportunity to create a recipe for peace. Many of you used some fantastic vocabulary to create your ingredients and instructions;

love, empathy, harmony, agreement, respect, fairness, friends, caring and many more.

This is your chance to showcase your work to the other teachers and parents. Write out a recipe for peace; you can use your one from class as a base for your work but you may wish to improve it with super vocabulary. Online thesauruses are good resources but make sure you know what the word actually means before you use it.


45 thoughts on “Recipe for Peace

  1. First add a teaspoon of compassion. The mix in 210g of harmony. Next blend in 21g of sharing. After that sprinkle in 100g of empathy. Finally dissolve in the IL of love.

  2. Create your recipe of peace
    10 grams of harmony
    a breeze of joy
    A sprinkle of fairness
    1 tonne of respect
    12 grams peace

    Finally blend all your mixtures together to make peace ,which is one greatest gift of all.

  3. *21kg of greatfullness .
    *200g of calmness .
    *2kg of harmony .
    *21g of love .
    *2 tea spoons of empathy .
    *50pinches of friendship then mixed with 5spoons of compassion .
    *a plate of helpfulness mixed with 3kg of caring .
    *Finish of with a sprinkling of positivity with 1000g of sympathy .

    By ibrahim.

    • Samira you are a great member of the year 5 team. Thank you for letting Ibrahim use your log in to write his brilliant recipe for peace, when he needed help.

  4. My amazing recipe for peace!!!!!!

    100g of collectivness.

    50g of self command.

    88g of love.

    1000g of compassion.

    76g of restful.

    First mix 1000g of compassion and 88g of lore.

    Then the100g of love
    After that 50g of restful.

  5. . 100g of compassion
    . One spoon full of happiness
    . 50g of care
    . 10g of positive
    . A sprinkling of respect.

    Mix it all together to make the recipe for peace.

  6. My recipe for peace
    A helping respect
    100g of care
    50kg of kindness
    150g of calmness
    100g of aggrement
    First put together a helping of respect and 100g of care.Next mix together 50kg of kindness and 150g of calmness and a 1000g of aggrement.Finally mix all these together and peace is in your sight.

  7. : 100g of compassion.
    : pinch of love
    : 99g of recpect
    : 1000g of friendsh
    : 1000g of postiv

    Mix togther the compassion and make 100g of love and 1000g of friendship!

  8. My recipe for peace
    100g of positivity
    300g of empathy
    Sprinkle of calmness
    200g of careness

    Mix together calmness and care.Then mix together positivity and empathy that is the perfect recipe for me.

  9. My recipe for peace
    100g of compassion
    2 pinches of harmony
    A dash of unity
    21 L of friendship
    212121g of good will
    2 pints of Sympathy
    21 heaps of non aggression
    Mix altogether with a blender

  10. 100g of compassion
    30g of empatty
    20g of positive ness
    50g of love

    First add 100g of compassion
    Then mix with love
    Next add the
    Finally add sympathy.

  11. My recipe for peace

    .105g of positivess
    .21g of empathy
    .a pinch of care
    .a cup of friendship
    .2tp of love

    Mix them all together with a spoon
    Finish of wih a sprinkle of respect
    And their you have a recipe of peace

  12. My recipe for peace
    -100g of love
    -Pinch of calmness
    -Sprinkling of care
    -50g of compassion
    -70g of respect

    Mix together 100g of love and pinch of calmness.
    Then mix in sprinkling of care and 50g of compassion.
    The last recipe is 70g of respect.
    Finally you will have a recipe of peace.

  13. My Recipie For Peace
    * 2 Pints of Love
    *100g of Harmony
    *A dash of Friendship
    *10 heaps of Compassion
    *A sprinkle of Calmness
    *500g of Respect
    *200g of Restfulness

    Mix together compassion and respect to create great peace

    1) Firstly, pour 2 pints of Love
    2) Secondly, add a dash of friendship.
    3) Thirdly, mix restfulness,respect,calmness and compassion. Then heat it up in the oven.

  14. For peace!
    Incredible cupcakes with a taste of sugar,spice and everything nice.
    *200g of friendship
    *A pinch of harmony
    *Sprinkiling of respect and fairness
    *50g of compassion and love
    *100g of agreement
    ❤️Mix together the 200g of friendship and a pinch of harmony.
    ❤️Next add sprinkling of respect and compassion.
    ❤️Finally add a dazzling amount of L❤️VE!

  15. My perfect peace recipe
    75g of positivity
    100g of compassion
    150g of respect
    50ml of empathy
    21ml of harmony
    500ml of peace

    Mix the respect with the empathy.Stir the mixture until the empathy dissolves.add the harmony.Put in the compassion and positivity.Finish off with a sprinkling of PEACE.

  16. My recipe for peace
    16g of kindness
    1000g of positivity
    16pints of empathy
    1 pinch of love
    10 pinches of friendship
    1600g of compassion

    Blend together the compassion and the friend ship
    finish off with a sprinkling of empathy and you have made you wonderful peace recipe.

  17. My recipe for peace
    100g of careness
    1handful of love
    2 spoonfuls of positiveness
    50 g of compassion
    1,000g of fairness
    mix together the love and compassion
    then finish of with a dash of positiveness and careness.

  18. P eace should be all around .
    E veryone should experience it .
    A ll peaople deserve peace.
    C almness to.
    E mpathy all around.
    By shane

  19. My recipie for peace :
    . 100g of compassion.
    . 5000g of trust.
    . 60g of harmony.
    .1000g of teamwork.
    . 1000g of courage.

    Firstly, put together 100g of compassion and 500g of trust.
    Put 60g of harmony in.
    Secondly, stir it and you’ll get the mixture.
    Then add 1000g of courage.
    Finish of with a sprinkle of teamwork.

    This is a recipie for peace.
    By Shane

  20. My recipe for peace
    50 pints of Empathy
    1000ml of agreement
    7 drops of positivness
    A sprinkle of teamwork

    Mix together a sprinkle of teamwork with seven drops of positivness.Then aad in 50 pints of empathy to finish of with pour in 1000ml of agreement.

  21. My recipe for peace

    100g of love
    1000g of pure heart
    2000g of empathy
    900g of sympathy
    1000g of agreement
    1000,000g of pureness
    3000g of caring

    Mix together the pure heart and the love whilst sprinkling in the pureness.Once you have done that blend the empathy and sympathy with the mixture.After that kneed together the agreement and caring.Enjoy now and spread it on.
    :) :) :)

    *1000g of compassion
    *100kg of care
    *10tbls of harmony
    *1kg of fairness
    *10g of respect

    First add the 10tbls of harmony into the bowl.
    Then add the 100kg of care.
    Next add the 1000g of compassion.
    After that add the 10kg of respect .
    Finally add the 1kg of fairness and then stir it.

  23. recipe for peace:
    Firsly mix together 1kg of harmony.Then sprinkle a 1000g of empathy to your mixture.Next add 100g of trust to the mixture.After that put 900g of happiness and mix all your mixture together it create peace.

  24. My recipe for peace :

    * 1000g trust
    * 100g of happiness
    * 1kg of confidence
    * 10 table spoons of care
    * 10g of love

    First mix together the 1000g of trust and 100g of happiness.
    Then stir confidence (1kg) together.
    After that put 10 tables of care
    Finish of with a sprinkle of 10 g of love

  25. First put the 50 pints of courage and the 30g of care into a bowl and mix
    Now add a tbls of love into the mixture also add the 100g of trust .
    Now take a pinch of 10g of peace and…you’ve made peace!

  26. My Recipe for Peace!

    *100g of empathy
    *1kg of confidence
    * 1000g of love
    * a pint of freindship
    * a table spoon of courage
    * sprinkle of teamwork

    First, mix together the 100g of empathy and 1000g of love.

    Secondly, add in the 1kg of confidence with the table spoon of courage.

    Thirdly, add in the pint of of friendship.

    Mix them all together and with a sprinkle of happiness.

    Remember to put into the oven to make PEACE!

  27. My perfect recipe for peace

    .200g of respect and harmony
    .150g of positivity
    .200g of Empathy
    A pinch of love

    Mix together the respect and harmony.
    Also add the positivity and love.
    Finish with a sprinkle of Empathy.
    Finally you have made peace.

    • My recipie for peace:

      What you need:
      *20 pints of positivity
      *250g of goodwill
      *50g of silence
      21l of non-aggression
      150oz of sincerity

      How to make mix all together and heat for 21 mins

    • My recipe for peace

      -100g of compassion
      -500g of caring
      -100g of calmness
      -10000g of respect
      -2000g postivness

      Finish of with a sprinkling of love and rspect

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