Recipe for Strawberry Meringue Kisses

Just a quick note:

Meringue should really be cooked on a low temperature and for a long time. We cheated a bit by making the ‘kisses’ quite flat. This meant we were able to cook them in about 25 minutes.

Well done to the children of Year 4: you once again proved that you can achieve incredible things! Many adults cannot ‘split’ an egg successfully and few people would be able to hand whisk an egg white to form peaks!! Myself and Mrs Sanders were very impressed!!

Should I be making these at home, I would alter what we did slightly. Firstly, I would pipe the meringue using a piping bag, I would drizzle red food colouring down parts of the bag and I would create a raspberry coulis (sounds posh but you just blend raspberries and then add icing sugar and taste it until you think it’s sweet enough). I would also cook the meringue for longer as using a piping bag would make the ‘kisses’ bigger and therefore require more time in the oven.

18 minutes was simply not long enough, each group’s got about 25/30 minutes in the oven.

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