Recorder performances

Year 4 had the oppurtunity to perform their brilliant recorder performance for the elderly at Frank Walsh House.

Children had prepared a selection of songs which they had practiced since the start of year4!

Here are some short clips showing their performance.


Everyone was so impressed at how well you performed and respected everybody. The manager of Frank Walsh asked you to come and perform more often!

Please share your experience of learning the recorder and having the chance to showcase your learning at Frank Walsh House.


7 thoughts on “Recorder performances

  1. I enjoyed visiting Frank Walsh house and playing the recorders to old people. Thank you very much to the staff in Year 4 and a big thank you to Mrs Frankish aswell. Also, a huge thank you to Vicky who taught us how to play the recorders. Recorder lessons are so fun.

  2. I loved it, it was good and have increased my skills thank you for letting us perform and thank you frank Walsh house for being a great audience.

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