Recount and news reports learning journey 6 Red



For the past several weeks, we have been learning about news reports and recounts. We learnt many skills that helped us produce a great news report about our new playground!

Please write down skills and knowledge that you have learnt during this topic. Think about using the following vocabulary:

  • 5 W’s
  • Quotes
  • Photographs & captions
  • Paragraphs
  • Use of conjunctions
  • Formal language
  • Audience
  • Purpose
  • Use of informal language
  • Facts and information

You can also include information about the grammar and language that you used in your writing.

Looking forward to your responses!

11 thoughts on “Recount and news reports learning journey 6 Red

  1. During this topic we were learning about recount and this is how we portrayed our learning in English this half term. We had used key language features like journalistic language, bold heading, facts and statistics,opinions, conjunctions and many more. We also had the chance to explore on many different recounts not only written recounts but verbal ones which were about the new playground and how it effected us by many chance.

  2. During this topic I have learnt to use formal and informal language in a recount as it would be very informal to use slang.
    Also in this topic I have learnt the key features of a news report such as the 5w, which are who what when and why,you also should use this in you writing especially in your introduction because it explains who the person is,when it happened ,why it happened,what exactly happened and last but not least where was the setting where is is taken place.

  3. During this half term I have learnt how to identify formal and informal language,5ws,facts and figures and quotes.I have also learnt how to identify a purpose and the audience in a text.

  4. During this term we have been learning about a recount text.The features of a recount are:
    – Quotes
    – 5W
    – Formal Language
    – Facts and Figures
    These are the features of a newspaper article.
    From Hanna Khan

  5. During this section of my literacy work I have learnt that a recount is similar to a news paper and in all of the news paper introductions there will be the 5w.I have learnt he purpose of articles and learnt the audience.I have also written sections of a news paper article.News papers will include quotes facts opinions and formal languages.

  6. We have learnt all about newspapers recounts! To do this we had to use key features in a newspaper recount such as 5ws, conjunctions, opinions and facts. 5ws is a trick making sure you explain and written about everything in the introduction. These are when, what, where, who and why. When is showing what time it happened, what is the main subject, who is the people involved in this, why is why did this happen and where what place did it happen. We used all of the 5ws to create our introduction of the play ground.
    Another writer trick is the opinions used in the recount. Opinions are really good, especially when you have an opinion of one of the people who was involved in this. This is because you get to see one of the main people in the recount,who is involved, give their own perspective about this. We also have been looking at the purpose, audience and impact on the reader.The purpose talks about the main point of this text, the audience is the people who should be reading this text and finally, the impact on the reader is the effect and emotion the reader has when reading this. Facts are true made up stuff that backs up your opinion with evidence. Conjunctions are used to explain in further detail but also to compare both sides of the argument.

  7. In our class we have wrote a recount story.A recount is when you are writing a report of an event or experience.We have wrote about the new playground built in Broad Heath.In order to write about the new playground we have to include a fair amount of qualitys in our work.To back up are writing we have written we have included many facts and also opinions.It is important to get quotes involved because the reader would want to know what other peoples perspective are on the matter you are writing\reading about.Our sucsess critiria aws to involve
    .past tence
    .third person
    .a range of vocablury
    .a range of clauses
    .formal language

  8. I have learnt how to use the 5Ws,formal language.I also learnt to use the purpose on why it was built and audience,which means who is it for

  9. During this term we learned about writing a recount text. The features of a recount text are:
    5 w
    Formal language
    Facts and Figures.
    First we looked at different recount texts to identify what we need in our recount text. In a recount your are not allowed to write informal e.g
    Informal: go on Formal: To participate.

  10. During this topic I have learnt that a recount is like a newspaper .Also recounts are a piece of paper which has news written on it.Also I have now learnt about what is happening around the world.Also I have learnt who was the audience of the newspaper article.Also I have learnt what is the purpose of the newspaper article.

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