This week in 1S out focus in Literacy has been  recounts. 

What is a recount? 

What are the features of a recount?

Write a recount of your morning routine. Remember to use all of the features.

We will share them in class..



4 thoughts on “Recounts

  1. Recount is something that has already happened.
    It tells you if it’s in the past.

    Firstly I brushed my teeth. Next I put my clothes on. Then I went downstairs. Then I had my breakfast. Finally I went to school.

  2. Q1 A recount means that your telling what is all ready happened.
    First I woke up.
    Then I washed my face.
    Next I went for my breakfast.
    Finally I dressed in my school cloths and went school.

  3. A recount is something that has already happened.
    First I come out of bed,
    Next I come downstairs,
    Then I have my breakfast,
    Finally I get dressed and walk to School.

  4. A recount is something that has already happened.
    My morning routine:
    First I come downstairs
    Next i wash my face and brush my teeth
    Then I eat my breakfast and have a glass of milk
    Finally I ger dressed in my school uniform and go to school.

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