Red 5 Art Week

Red 5 have had a fantastic first week. They have settled well and produced some brilliant work. This week we were learning about William Turner and developing techniques to create landscapes of their own.


We also had a fantastic day out at the Herbert Art Gallery and Coventry Transport Museum.


Can you tell me:

  • A fact about William Turner
  • What your favourite painting was at the Herbert and why
  • What your favourite section of the Transport Museum was and why
  • Something you have learned about landscapes this week?

Well done for a brilliant first week Red 5 and Eid Mubarak to those celebrating on Monday!

7 thoughts on “Red 5 Art Week

  1. Art work

    William Turner was a romanticist landscape painter.

    My favourite painting in the Herbert art gallery was the painting of the city by L.S Lower because he used prespective.

    My favourite part of the transport museums wasgoing into the blitz area as there was realistic figures and lots of lighting.

    Something that I’ve learned from landscapes is there’s a fore ground, mid grounds and back grounds.

  2. william Turner was born on 1775 and born in 1775 Covent Garden London.
    my favorite the little boy with the milk bottle because it looks intresting and creative.
    i liked the section with the rocket cars.
    I learnd that landscapes are side ways

  3. His birthday was unknown but said to be late April early May. William Turner said it was on the 23rd April but there was no proof.
    The little boy with the milk bottle because it is different and unique.
    The gallery

  4. *Joseph Mallord William Turner was baptised 14 May 1775 he was an English Romanticist landscape painter.

    *my favorite painting was of the little boy with his milk bottle because of the way it was painted

    *the cars because i could see from the past and now and compere them

    *you know it is a landscape painting because the top row was longer than when you put it portrate.


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