Red 5’s Democracy

Today in Red 5, we learned about a very important value: Democracy.

What is democracy? Why is it important?

Children created their own parliament to represent a wide variety of views across the political spectrum. They discussed big issues such as taxes, public spending, immigration, transport and foreign policy. They debated these issues with each other and challenged each other courteously.

Here they are debating immigration:


Name a policy one of the major parties had. How were the parties similar to each other? How were they different? What effect did having more people arguing for one party have?



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  1. Democracy is important because if you win the vote you can show who you actually are and your talent .Also the government make the law and make sure the country doesn’t go very chaotic .

    The purple party didn’t want any taxes and didn’t want to co operate with other countries.Also the Green Party wanted to get rid of nucleus weapons .

    The red , yellow and Green Party were similar because they all agreed that they wanted more immigration. The blue and purple party were similar because they didn’t want immigration to come as It causes lots of chaos and wanted there own space .

    Red party wanted richer people to be taxed and the purple party wanted no tax at all. The Green Party thought that immigrants cause problems on the other hand yellow team think in the middle.

    The affect is has is that red green and yellow will have more seats and purple and blue will have some as well .

  2. Democracy is important because if there was no votes then everyone would argu because of who is the leader. If there was no leader then everyone would not follow and do what they think. This will mean there are no laws and will be complete kos. The purple parties said to remove the tax completely they did not want any immigration because they do not contribute to the society. Purple nod blue were similar to each other because they both wanted to remove tax. They both partied did not want immigration. Red party and Green Party wanted the rich to be taxed the most less than the poor. Yellow party wanted the tax to stay the same whereas red party wanted the rich to pay more.

  3. The party we were doing was purple party and it had taxes which they did not want they wanted to completely erase it.democracy is when you vote for someone and they’re get chosen for something and it’s important because if you did not have it the world will be in and purple party are similar because they both wanted to eraze tax and they both didn’t want immigration because they don’t contribute to the party and Green Party wanted the rich to tax the most and not the poor.

  4. The policies that the purple team had was they wanted tax to be completely removed.
    The blue and purple team are similar because they both agreed that they don’t want immigration to in their country.

  5. Carrying on from question 2 (what is dehow were the parties similar to each other?
    so red,mocracy?why is it importantlogged in by razvan

    The blue and purple party’s were similar because they wanted no one to really pay the taxes and wanted them lower to pay a lower price to pay.

    The red and green party’s were similar because they both wanted the Ritchest people to pay more money so then they could hand over the money to the poor people so then the poor people had more money then they have now

    The yellow party was quite different from all blue purple red and green party’s because they wanted the taxes to stay the same they didn’t want to raise the taxes and they didn’t want to lower the prices