Red 5’s Spanish Landmark Tour

On Wednesday afternoon, Red 5 used compasses to locate various Spanish landmarks and plot a route from Madrid. They were tasked with creating a 9 day plan for visiting all the landmarks on their list. They needed to work out which direction to travel (from Madrid), how many steps they need to walk AND come up with an interesting fact about the landmarks.

Here Syed and Bukumi stand at Madrid, working together to find their next landmark.

Syed Compass

You all did brilliantly at this – working well as a team and showing some expert geography knowledge. 

Which landmarks did you find? Can you say a fact about one of them?

How do you use a compass? What does it tell you?

How did you work out the location of a particular landmark?

If a landmark was 5 steps away from Madrid, and we were using a scale of 1 step = 50km – how far away is that landmark?

7 thoughts on “Red 5’s Spanish Landmark Tour

  1. 5 step = 250km

    A compass tells you the directions north,east,south and west.To use it point where you want it to go and then it will tell you the direction.

    The Palicio real de Madrid is the official residence of the Spanish Royal Family at the city of Madrid

  2. The Palacio real de Madrid is the official residence of the Spanish royal family at the city of Madrid ,but is only used for state ceremonies. king Felipe VI and the royal family
    do not reside in the palace , choosing instead the more modest Palacio e la zarzuela on the outskirts of Madrid. A compass is used to direct you either north, east, south or west.

  3. On a Wednesday afternoon I found out nine different landmarks of Spain.Some of these Landmarks include the Palacio Real and the Sagrada family.

    Palacio Real also known as the Royal Palace was built in 1738 to 1755.Palacio Real is the most biggest building in Spain and possibly most beautiful.This fantastic palace is where the King of Spain King Felipe VI and his family lives.

    The area around the Royal Palace is a great place to stay – quiet and central, with easy access to all of Madrid’s major tourist attractions.It is surprise that the place is so big it is the biggest palace of all of Western Europe.Now that makes me feel jealous, I want to be King of Spain!
    It is surrounded by the beautiful Sabatini and Campo del Moro parks. It was first designed to be a court.

    The Sagrada Familla is a major tourist attraction in Spain as well as a Roman Catholic Church which stands at a height of a astonishing 557.74 ft.WOW!You can’t get better than that can you?The architect of this building is Antoni Gaudi and it was opened only on 7th November 2010.Well that isn’t old is it ?This Spanish landmark is also the tallest religious building in the whole of Europe although it hasn’t even finished yet !.Breaking records Huh?It is in Barcelona the region of Catalonia.

    To use a compass you need to point the compass at the landmark and it will show you how much degrees you have to go and if it is North,South,South East and many more to name.

  4. What a great afternoon 5 Red! You worked well in your pairs, supported each other and successfully explored Spain and it’s landmarks.
    Miss B :)

  5. I found a landmark called The Palacio Real and the Aquidect of Segovia. A fact about the Palacio Real is that it was built between the years 1738-1755. A fact about the Aquidect of Segovia is that it carries water 60km. To use a compass you need to face the south part of the compass towards you. Then point the arrow at the place of your choice. Finally the compass will tell which degrees it is and what direction it is. I worked out the location of the particular landmark by going to Madrid and pointing the arrow of the compass at the landmark
    The landmark is going to be 250km away from Madrid.

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