Red 5’s Trip to Warwick Castle

Today Red 5 had an amazing trip to Warwick Castle!

A particular highlight was an amazing workshop learning about different weapons and how to sword fight! Children learned about different methods of defence, as well as the varying lifestyles enjoyed by those who used different weapons.


Here they are learning how to throw a spear and do a good war cry!



What was the most interesting you learned in the workshop? Did anything surprise you? 

Any other comments about your trip?


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  1. Some examples of some interesting things that were contained in the workshop was when we found out the salary’s. Like, when a poor archer had the wage of 6 PENCE!. To me this was outrageous. Also the knights got 2 million pounds solely to afford to buy 100,000 pounds worth of weaponry!

    Lastly something I found weird was when we got to see the tricks and the techniques that the middle ages used. Such as advanced, it might seem tricky but in reality it was stepping forward on your right foot!

    All this surprised me too, incredibly!

    Another comment I would like to say is
    THANKYOU to all the teachers who gave us the chance to go to the wonderful Warwick castle.

  2. the most interesting thing in the workshop was when we learned about the commands if we were in war and also we got to do the commands.What surprised me in the workshop was that archers on get 6p a day.This surprises because the archers used to do a lot of training and do lots of things in the war and the people only give a short amount of money to them.

    I want to say thank you to Mrs Mahtani,Miss Redhead,Mrs Sharma,Mrs Edwards and Mrs Frankish for letting us go on this amazing trip and big thank you to Warwick Castle for having us.

  3. The most interesting thing was how to use the sword because if for some reason the whole country had to learn how to use swords then I would already now how to do it and if I learned then I would be even more better . The most interesting thing was even when we learnt how to protect our selves from the weapons and how they can hurt us .The cost of the armour,how the different shapes of the weapons were and how they all are different.
    The best part of our trip was when we don’t the maze as a group.

  4. I learnt how to use weapons in case somebody is going to come up against you. I was surprised seeing real armour and how it felt and looked like. Thank you for the trip and hope everybody had fun at Warwick Castle.
    By Safa Munir