Red and Orange Group, Mini-Beast Activities!

Good morning Red and Orange group! I hope you are all doing well. Today I have some creative mini-beast activities for you to try and do at home! If you are the following children I would like you to choose one of the activities to complete at home. If you would like to do more than one them please do!

Max, Ashton, Musa, Halima, Yusuf, Faris, Ebun, Ketzia, Halimah, Ahyan, Simeon, Jari and Esa.

First we have playdough mini-beasts! You can use your playdough at home to make all different kinds! Have a look at the pictures below for some ideas.

Next, you can make your own cheerio caterpillar or worm! This will take some super threading skills which I know you all have!

Finally, you could also try painting your own mini-beast! All you need is a stone! You could do a ladybird as pictured or a different mini-beast!

Remember you only have to choose one of the activities to complete! I’m looking forward to seeing your fantastic creative mini-beasts!

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    • I look forward to seeing your pictures Simeon, you are completing some fantastic work at home! Did you enjoy the story about the slug that wanted to be a snail that’s on our blog?

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