Red and Orange Group Science

This week in our light topic you have been learning about shadows and how they change size.

  1. How can we change the length of a shadow?
  2. If the light source is lower down what happens to the length of the shadow?
  3. If the light source is higher up how does this change the size of the shadow?





Look at the shadow of this tree stood in a park. Can you explain how the shadow will change during the day?



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  1. Science homework

    You can change the lenght of the shadow by standing at mid day, when the sun is at its highest point.
    The light source is lower will mean the shadow will be longer.
    The shadow is shorter.


    As the sun rises and moves to its position the shadow will move across and get longer and shorter by the day and its day light.

  2. 1. We need to wait for the sun goes up or down and the length of our shadow will change.
    2. If the light source is lower down the shadow will be long.
    3. If the light source is higher up the shadow will not be long, it will be so short.
    In the morning the sun rises from the east – the shadow is long and it points to the west.
    At noon the sun is up high and the shadow is under the tree.
    In the afternoon when the sun goes down and pointing west – the shadow is very long in the opposite derection.

  3. 1) By changing the length putt he shadow puppet closer.
    2)If the light source is down it will get smaller.
    3)if the light source is up it will get bigger

  4. The shadow can change by the sun moving to noon .Thats how it’s gets smaller but if the sun is in the middle that means it’s taller.If the sun turns ,the shadow would be in the east.

  5. 1. When the moon is there,the shadow gets bigger and when the sun is there the shadow gets smaller.

    2. The length is lower down because the sun was out when is smaller

    3. The length is bigger because the moon is out when it’s bigger.

  6. can we change the look of the shadow?By moving back and Forword
    2If the light sours is lower down what hapens the shadow?it disepers bit by bit.
    3.if the light source is lower up how douse the shadow change? Because it is getting smaller when your up and langer when you go down

  7. 1.When the light source moves.
    2.The shadow gets longer in the afternoon.
    3.It gets shorter in the morning.
    The light source will turn to the west and the shadow will change

    • If the light source is lower down it goes smaller.
      If the light source is higher up it is bigger.
      In night time,as it gets darker and darker the shadow of the tree won’t be able to be seen.

  8. As the day goes by, the sun will move slowly. As it reaches sunset, the sun will move to the right and when it completely sets, the moon will reacreate the same shadow that the sun has made.

    By Chloe.

  9. 1.We can put the light closer and far .
    2. Your shadow goes smaller.
    3. It needs to be close to the object to be wide and far to be small

    Rylie and shivani

  10. By going further and closer
    It goes taller
    It goes bigger

    The shadow will change in the afternoon and then in the evening it will be little
    By tahseen and vinay

  11. You can make a shadow shorter by the sun further away from you.
    It makes a longer shadow then before .
    It doesn’t change or effect the shadow and it does nothing to it.

  12. You can change the length of the shadow by putting the light source closer or further away. It goes taller. The higher it is the bigger it gets.

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